Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday, C Division Final

Ken Jennings already has a quarter of the puzzle filled in after about a minute. Some dip left a cell phone on; fortunately our competitiors cannot hear that. They're all wearing headsets with old Yma Sumac tapes of her singing the Voice of the Itxapay. Ken is really ripping through this puzzle. He has just the upper right to go. From where I'm sitting, it's really hard to see the two side grids. Don't leave any squares blank, guys. Bob is alongside me working the printed copy of the puzzle with the A clues and hasn't gotten very far yet. Ken has finished first. But is it correct?

Unofficial C Standings:
3rd place, 1 letter blank 8:56 - Steven Katton
2nd place, 1 letter wrong 5:19 - Howard Barkan
1st place, 4:09 - Ken Jennings

BTW, for the benefit of those who will be solving by mail, we are not divulging any details of the puzzle, which is a Saturday-style themeless 15x by Mike Shenk.

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