Sunday, March 26, 2006

Congratulations To The Winners


Puzzle Brothers Both Take Home Trophies; Ken Jennings Wins C and Rookie Crowns

It's over in Stamford, where the 29th American Crossword Puzzle Tournament has ended. There are going to be more pictures, but here's a few shots of Will Shortz congratulating now two-time defending champion Tyler Hinman, and right below, both of the Puzzle Brothers who won trophies - Dave won the D Division (placing 106th overall), and Bob won for top score among people from New Jersey (18th place overall).

The big news from the tournament was the success of Ken Jennings, who won C Division and top rookie. We have some other pictures and they'll be coming up soon.

(Will Shortz and Tyler Hinman picture by Dave Mackey; Puzzle Brothers picture by Barrie Fein)


barrywep said...

you guys win the prize for the most "real time" Stamford blogging. I enjoyed meeting you. Keep up the good work!

Barry Weprin

Nancy said...

Dave, I tried to contact you via email but it bounced back. I'd like to use 3 of your photos on my Photobucket collection, giving credit of course. Can you contact me, please? nshack aaaatttt Thanks