Monday, March 20, 2006

Crosswords Take Center Stage of CBS' Early Show

Will Shortz will host a mini-crossword tournament today on CBS' "The Early Show", airing now on a CBS affiliate near you. The little tournament will consist of one puzzle created by the estimable Frank Longo and edited by Mr. Shortz, who this weekend will step into his 29-year role as director of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.

Robair is on-site at The Early Show and will file his impressions later.


The tournament failed to materialize (I'm sure we'll get the 411 from Will before long), but you can get a copy of the puzzle that Will showed on-air by clicking on this link.

We were also treated to a brief (albeit soundless) clip from "Wordplay" which features a hand writing the words WORD and PLAY into a crossword grid, and then spotting some blacks. The camera pulls back and reveals the hand as that of master puzzle constructor - and Sunday-puzzle commentator at Stamford - Merl Reagle.

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