Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday, 9:42 p.m.

What defines a Sunday in Stamford during Tournament Week? The buffet breakfast? Seeing how many sleep-deprived zombies (Vic Fleming, Stan Newman) pervade the hotel lobby at 7 a.m.? Or the twinge you feel when you see your ranking at 8:30?

Could be all of those for me. I started the morning in 21st place, with 130 points separating me and the all-important 11th place for a shot at the B title. I finished the Merl Reagle 21x at the same time 11th place Stella Daily did, so she looks to be playing the big board. Myself, I have them crossed.

And the usual suspects are lined up 1-2-3, all good pals now: Tyler Hinman, Ellen Ripstein, and Trip Payne.

A more-or-less recap of the finals will follow around 12:30ish from Dave.

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