Saturday, March 25, 2006

Saturday Morning....

Saturday, 7:50 a.m.: It IS entirely possible to have a hangover on only half a glass of wine.

The wee hours were filled with some interesting games. A few people had packed suitcases full of board games and came equipped with Quizzard lock-out devices for game show style fun. Trip Payne and Adam Cohen were each hosting self-written, six-player "Jeopardy!" games, and I played in Adam's. Leading heading into the Final, I (along with everyone else) blew it. I bet all but $100 and I think that may have been good enough for second place.

Todd McClary was hosting a game called "Coordination" which was very clever - the players were divided into two halves, the X team and the Y team. The players were shown visual clues with coordinates along the side, and you had to guess ONLY your coordinate (X or Y, depending on which side you're sitting) based on the question asked. Then you pick someone who you think has a good enough answer from the other group of players. The scoring is based on the difference between your team's coordinates and the actual answer; low score wins. There is more than a little measure of strategy involved.

A special shout out to Howard and Debbie, the father-daughter team who were our partners in last night's KenJen trivia throwdown.

Time to grab a shower and get downstairs.. the puzzles are in the air at 11:00.

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