Sunday, March 05, 2006

Nineteen Days And Counting...

As the annual tournament we affectionately call Stamford draws near, I am looking forward to the cameraderie and the competition. I have been intensely training, doing puzzles online and on paper at an alarmingly increasing rate of speed, and with accuracy not seen before. I hope for better than last year and as long as I get that I'll be happy.

This year, The Puzzle Brothers will be on-site at Stamford for the entire weekend and will be participating in all events, including the Friday night trivia games (with the help of Ken Jennings, the all time "Jeopardy!" champion), the Saturday night screening of "Wordplay", and the Sunday awards luncheon. (Robair is extremely looking forward to the Sudoku competition. Yes, he does those too, and quite fast.) We will also be filing reports with exclusive photos of some of the competitors and puzzle celebrities. If you can't make it to Stamford, then make The Puzzle Brothers your destination for the really very truly latest (like they say in TV news)!

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