Saturday, February 14, 2009

Two Weeks To Go!

We are but two weeks away from The Big One. I don't know how much solving Bob has been doing, but I've been going like a house afire on Friday and Saturday New York Times puzzles. The other day I did six Merl Reagles in a little more than an hour, so I'm ready for his puzzle, whatever it may be. Still have to drill on some Maura Jacobson puzzles, as she's always the sixth puzzle.

The Puzzle Brothers will be snapping pictures at the tournament and please don't be shy about having your picture taken. The galleries will be created on-site this year, as last year, so you can plug in your notebook and look at pictures from the weekend as things are happening.

From our vantage point as competitors, we will be letting you know how our own personal tournament is going. Last year, Bob finished 23rd (down three places from the year before) and Dave finished 76th (down 10 places). Clearly, we both want to do better this year.

And don't forget that for the last three years, the Puzzle Brothers has been FIRST ON THE WEB with the unofficial tournament results, so if you're not at the tournament this year, just tune into our website and refresh, refresh, refresh to your heart's content! Will Tyler win his fifth? Will one of the new young turks topple him off his crown? What about the veterans like Ellen and Al and Jon? Lots of questions that will be answered on Sunday, March 1. We hope you join us. Look for us in our distinctive TPB gear.

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