Tuesday, February 03, 2009

More ACPT Updates

The program is slowly but surely being fleshed out.

The special guest this year is Tetsuya Miyamoto, who is the inventor of KenKen. For the uninitiated, KenKen is a Sudoku-like number game that uses addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to arrive at the correct numbers in each square. The championship playoff round will once again be announced by Neil Conan, who is returning after a year's absence (Grant Barrett did the honors last year). Miyamoto will help hand out the trophies at the awards luncheon, which will feature a buffet menu prepared by a surprise chef from Food Network.

Plans for the Saturday night game show night haven't quite jelled yet.

If you have yet to register, please visit the tournament website at www.crosswordtournament.com and do it today! Credit cards and PayPal are being accepted. The tournament begins Friday, February 27 and ends Sunday, March 1.

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