Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Wrinkles In Scoring System

The actual scoring method hasn't changed, but what has is the way the papers are being processed.

The corrections to the papers are now being done with special green and yellow pens. Then, each paper has a special sticker attached which includes a bar code corresponding to the contestant's number. The papers are scanned and the score table is automatically updated. The score tables will be updated online for those using computers, but I still expect to see papers taped to the walls with everyone's scores.

Moreover, the contestants can now look at the scanned puzzles online by providing their contestant number, and see exactly where they screwed up without having to bother the judges or send endless emails to Will.

The technology to do this is all housed in the Jackie Gleason ballroom. Kudos to Matt Ginsberg and Doug Heller for making this work.

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