Friday, February 27, 2009

Number Of Contestants And Other Wrinkles

A list of preregistered contestants indicates that there are 616 pre-registrations for this year's tournament. A fair amount of walk-ins are going to need to walk in to push this tournament over last year's record of 699 contestants.

The Saturday game show night will include "Crossword Clued Family Feud" by last year's producers of the "1 vs. 700" extravaganza, Greg Pliska and John Chaneski. The other game shows will be "Last Quizzee Standing" by Stan Newman and "Chain Reaction" by Will Shortz.

There's also some musical entertainment on the horizon - a small musical group which includes the esteemed Vic Fleming was heard rehearsing a song about KenKen in the ballroom.

UPDATE: Will has stated 645 preregistrations. That may include noncompetitors.

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