Sunday, February 22, 2009

Games Between The Games

For the uninitiated, one of the side effects of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament - now kicking off just five days from now - is the rabid late-night gaming community. These activities would take place in the ballroom in Stamford, but for security reasons, the ballroom in Brooklyn is closed at night, so the games have moved to tables set up in common spaces. These games are not your dime store, mass produced games. Usually they are boutique card games with small but faithful followings and games that are home made such as "Jeopardy!" boards created by the likes of Adam Cohen and Trip Payne. If you have a Quizzard device, either separately bought or out of the old "Sale of the Century" home game, bring it! It will certainly be useful.

The Puzzle Brothers are going to be bringing three games that we don't believe we've ever seen at the games festival. They are, listed in order of anticipated interest:

  • Likewise (Buffalo Games): Up to 6 can play this fast paced party game which harkens back to the original "Match Game" of the 1960's. There are two card decks, one with descriptors and one with nouns. Shuffle the decks and draw one card from each. Everyone must write an answer on their paddles (dry erase pens included) and points are scored for matches. There are 71 of each kind of card, meaning there are thousands of random combinations.

  • PDQ (Gamewright): There is one deck of 84 cards with all letters of the alphabet on it. You draw three cards and you must make up a word that begins with the first letter drawn and has the other two letters in order somewhere within it. Dennis James and Dick Enberg not included.

  • Ninety Nine Or Bust (Legendary Games): Fast action card game, family approved, rated highly educational. Teaches quick addition skills.

We look forward to playing with you Friday and Saturday night!

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