Thursday, February 26, 2009


The Puzzle Brothers will be rolling into Brooklyn about late afternoon tomorrow. We usually like an earlier entrance, but circumstances are keeping us closer to home until the latest we actually have to leave and still be considered early. If you are on the New York Times "Cru" we will be happy to see you at the Cru Dinner tomorrow evening.

Mrs. Puzzle Brother will not be with us again this year. In two weeks, she will be having surgery, plus she has other family commitments this weekend. We are both hopeful that Tracy will be healthy enough to join us in full fettle next year.

We will be passing along as many of the particulars of the tournament as we can, but as usual, we have to keep the content of the puzzles themselves secret, as there are online and at-home solvers that the tournament serves and although they are not competing for the big bucks, we would like to make sure their solving experience is as unsullied as possible.

Now, to pack, and to do some final training. As they say in the biz, see you tomorrow!

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