Saturday, February 20, 2010

Six Down, Two To Go...

We are recovering from a day of doing puzzles. Puzzle 5 was not the "bitch mother" of previous years... it was a solid, solvable puzzle.

As you can see below the official standings have been posted. We did not realize that Howard Barkin was step-for-step even with Feyer when we posted our vlog about the first three puzzles. Some of our friends from Facebook have been posting their own little tidbits. Stella Zawistowski for one is surprised at her performance (currently tied at 11), since she's under the weather today.

Bob and I looked at our scans of the first three puzzles and they are clean. We think we've both aced the final three puzzles of the day. We are looking forward to No. 7 tomorrow which in all likelihood will be by Merl Reagle, and then the playoff puzzle tomorrow which will be by Mike Shenk. And please remember that Bob and I will be here tomorrow at 12:00 for all the playoff puzzle action, in real time for the first time.

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