Saturday, February 20, 2010

Night 1 Is Done

Save a few laggards at the bar, no one is staying up late tonight. The first night of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament saw many of the high-profile solvers steering clear of Friday evening activities. Those who did hang around enjoyed the traditional Friday wine and cheese festivities and social games. The Puzzle Brothers enjoyed the company of many of the contestants who weren't too proud to hang out with the B and under crowd and try to figure out if a Norwegian gentleman was lying or not about how he punched Ingemar Johansson in the stomach at the age of 3.

Our first gallery of pictures is up. We hope to have many more when the big guns surface.

Also, watch the space below, for soon a video will magically appear. This is video of an indignant solver calling in to complain about a recent Frank Longo puzzle. It's sort of hard to hear so Will will provide a translation. I hate rebuses as much as the next person, but geez....

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