Sunday, July 13, 2008

What The...

Few extol the virtues of Stan Newman's Sunday Newsday puzzle, but it's a good workmanlike puzzle that is a relatively easy solve.

Most of the time.

There was one answer in today's puzzle (by Shirley Soloway) - in four letters, "Phnom ___."

PENH, right?

WRONG... the answer they were looking for was PNOM.

Ever hear of Phnom Pnom? I tried Googling it (with quotes) and got only 21 hits, most of them nonsense search peeks.

Please strike that word from your databases, kids.

1 comment:

Myron said...

I'm going to guess the clue was supposed to be " ____ Penh". Pnom is a common enough variant of Phnom, I suppose.