Tuesday, June 24, 2008

THE END for "Crosswords"?

According to this article, it may be curtains for "Merv Griffin's Crosswords" - the show has gone on indefinite hiatus. Repeats along with a smattering of new, unaired shows ("Crosswords" produced 225 episodes this season) will begin in September.

What do you thinK? Will you miss the show? Did you think the puzzles were too easy? Too hard? Too Timothy Parker?


Anonymous said...

I think the show is very good. The clues are for a mass audience, not just "crossword" people, so I think as a game show, it was well done and I am sorry if it does not come back.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I wish the show would indeed come back for season 2. But alas, it wasn't getting the ratings they had hoped. My Crosswords affiliate (WTVJ) aired it at 4PM weekdays, but then switched it to 12:30PM and at 4 aired some repeat tabloidish crap..maybe airing MG Crosswords at 4 wasn't working wonders against "Oprah." I actually was a bit unsure about the show at first, but as I watched it I really grew to like it! My only problem is the "spoiler" element; is it really fair for a spoiler to take your podium and win the game on just one clue..after you've worked throughout the show on the puzzle? (Who said life was fair anyway?) I wish it would've been that craptacular "Temptation" that may not be coming back, rather than MGC. It's also a shame that Merv Griffin didn't quite live long enough to see the show air, that bears his name. Ty Treadway is a good host...but I don't know, maybe it wasn't getting good ratings since it's not like so many other game shows these days, offering megabucks and dealing with "reality?" This type of show would've better worked 30 years ago..but I enjoyed MGC while it lasted.

Anonymous said...

loved "crossword" big mistake putting another female talk show in that time slot. off goes my T.V

Cd said...

We really enjoyed the show and miss it greatly. We looked forward to it every afternoon! It made us use our brains instead of just watching mindless junk! Please bring it back!

Anonymous said...

What happened to Merv Griffin's Crosswords show for the Fall 2008 new season?

I am a crossword buff, and although the skill level for most of the show episodes was pretty simple/easy for me, Ireally enjoyed the show as a mid-afternoon break.

Last season's (2007-2008) were aired on NBC Channel 5 here in Chicago -- 2 back-to-back programs running from 2:00PM-3:00PM. This year that time slot has been filled by the new "Bonnie Hunt Show." Will Merve Griffin's Crosswords be back this season, and if so, on what network and time will it be aired in Chicago?



Anonymous said...

I miss it so much! Do TV producers think that America wants nothing but mindless junk? There are still a few of us out here who enjoy using their brains!