Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Welcome To "The Puzzle Brothers"

Every day millions of Americans -- and folks all over the world -- do battle with their brains on a 15 x 15 grid, filled with black boxes and numbers. They have to know all sorts of things to tame this beast, such as Shakespeare, anatomy, pop culture, botany...just about any field of world lore is fair game.

The Puzzle Brothers are proud to officially add to the challenge with our witty, brain-teasing puzzles that have appeared in publications like USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, Games, and soon The New York Times.

The Puzzle Brothers are actually twin brothers, and they comprise what is thought to be a first in the field of crosswords -- a pair of sibling constructors, and twins at that. Dave Mackey has been a published contributor to various magazines for about a year now, and has a paying job as a music teacher. The March 2006 issue of Games magazine features his quip puzzle "Double Depression". He will next be seen in the February 17, 2006 L.A. Times. Robert Mackey will have his first published puzzle (a themeless) appear in The Los Angeles Times on Saturday, February 25, 2006. Additionally, Robert was the Rookie, B Division, and New Jersey winner in the 1998 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, placed in the Top 50 in 1999 and 2005, and won the inaugural 2005 Community Blood Services Tournament in Paramus, NJ. Both brothers will make their first joint Sunday appearance in a future installment of the L.A. Times.

The fun has just begun. Soon The Puzzle Brothers will be offering web-exclusive puzzles with the same dash and flair as those placed in print. In March 2006 Robert will attend and compete in the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament in Stamford, Connecticut, and will file onsite reports all weekend. And we are planning to still be in the game for the biggest crossword event ever -- the Crossword Centennial, in 2012, which is just six short years away.

We'll be working in the next weeks on our user interface, web-exclusive content, and much much more. So stay tuned for the further adventures of The Puzzle Brothers: all for words, and words for all!

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