Monday, February 13, 2006

Crossword Puzzles Are Like Radio Stations...

I think of the puzzle editor as program director, the constructors as deejays, and their words and themes the hits they play.

Obviously the "progressive rock" of crosswords is the New York Sun. There is always something creative going on, and I can tell you there are some real doozies coming up this week, particularly Thursdays, the work of Lee Glickstein and Vic Fleming.

While we do have a Weekend Warrior this week (which I had a reasonably good time on), I've heard from Trip Payne that there is soon one of his Wacky Weekend Warriors coming up. It's a real freewheeling puzzle in which anything goes.


Orange said...

I believe the Wacky Weekend Warrior appears right around April Fool's Day—whatever Friday falls closest.

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