Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dawn Of A New Day

The nice thing about this tournament is that everyone starts at zero. It's what happens in between that makes it interesting.

By the time Saturday afternoon rolls around, we should have some idea about who will be representing for each contestant class. We are going to try to update you both on this website and via our Facebook page. There, you can like us and tag yourself in our pictures.

We've already informed you about a number of significant no-shows, but what may be the x-factor this year is the number of solvers who have taken it easy on the intense training. Of those we've talked to, only Dan Feyer and Ellen Ripstein have put in a lot of time just solving and solving.

We will be posting our first analysis video after Puzzle #3, from our perch outside the Jackie Gleason Ballroom. Talk to you then.

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Denise Ann said...

It was fun to meet you at the tournament!!

(Saturday night race team.)