Saturday, March 17, 2012

Through Two Puzzles

Dan Feyer and Tyler Hinman are in a flatfooted tie for first, with Al Sanders in third place. Following close behind are Francis Heaney, Scott Weiss, Jon Delfin, Doug Hoylman, Joon Pahk, and David Plotkin. Bob 60th and Dave 112th, each making a one-square mistake (but not the same one) on Puzzle 1.

First six puzzles were (in order) Lynn Lempel, Patrick Merrell, Patrick Berry, Ian Livengood, Patrick Blindauer, and Elizabeth C. Gorski. That leaves Merl Reagle and Mike Shenk to provide Sunday's puzzles.

Tonight, a demonstration of Dr. Fill, a slide show by Don Christensen, and a team-solving challenge by Eric Berlin and Jeffrey Harris. Tomorrow, the seventh puzzle, the variety show, and the finals. Be sure to follow all the action of the finals LIVE tomorrow in the window at the top of your Puzzle Brothers website.

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