Thursday, March 17, 2011

There's A Tournament Tomorrow? Really?

Yes, really. And the Puzzle Brothers, along with 629 other pre-registered contestants, are looking forward to the opportunities the weekend presents.

What will make this year's tournament quite interesting - aside from the possibility of Dan Feyer steamrollering all comers in the tournament as he did last year - is the number of top-level solvers who won't be showing this year. A quick glance of the contestant rolls shows top-50 names like Katie Hamill, Eric Maddy, Ron Sweet, Barry Haldiman and Eric LeVasseur not competing as of this morning. This year's confirmed A contestants are:
  • Howard Barkin
  • Katherine Bryant
  • Adam Cohen
  • Jon Delfin
  • Len Elliott
  • Anne Erdmann
  • Dan Feyer
  • Peter Gordon
  • Francis Heaney
  • Tyler Hinman
  • Doug Hoylman
  • Will Johnston
  • Kiran Kedlaya
  • Joshua Kosman
  • Frank Longo
  • Brian Olewnick
  • Joon Pahk
  • Trip Payne
  • Doug Peterson
  • Arnold Reich
  • Amy Reynaldo
  • Ellen Ripstein
  • Al Sanders
  • Dan Seabolt
  • Dave Tuller
  • Thomas Weisswange
  • Stella Zawistowski
The top B-level solvers, if last year's rankings hold, are expected to be Bob Mackey, Richard Kalustian, and Susan Hoffman. Bob has been relegated to B by virtue of winning no A- or B- level awards in the last seven tournaments, and Joon Pahk, last year's B champion, has been moved up to A. Katie Hamill will not be at the tournament this year, owing to other commitments; nor will last year's third-place contestant in B, Ron Sweet. For the record, I will again be competing in the B level this year but realistically won't make the podium, there's just too much of a logjam. Louis Lana (last year's C winner) and David Plotkin move up to B this year, and Boone Gorges makes a big jump from D to B.

The C division will be populated with even more up and coming solvers this year as several people did well enough last year to move up a class or two, including Brian Cimmet, Amanda Yesnowitz and David Moulton.

Stay with The Puzzle Brothers for complete tournament coverage - video updates throughout the day on Saturday, and on Sunday, we will be bringing you live as-it-happens blogging of the final round, brought to you by Cover It Live.


Dave Mackey said...

One other note... the comforting names of Jay Kasofsky and Miriam Raphael appear on the contestant roster. Kasofsky has never missed a tournament and Raphael has been to 33 of them.

Dave Mackey said...

Ellen Ripstein has also been to 33 tournaments. Sorry!

Dan said...

The top B solver is probably Jeffrey Harris, who's returning after several years and a Lollapuzzoola title! We're as likely to see him in the A finals as the B.

My parents look forward to your CoverItLive! Thanks...