Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cathy Allis Named New York Co-Constructor

Change at New York Magazine, where Maura Jacobson has held sway as regular crossword constructor for the last 30 years. Cathy Allis (Millhauser) has been named regular co-constructor, who will alternate weeks with Jacobson. Here's how New York Magazine announced the change:

"Regular solvers of New York's crossword puzzle may have noticed an unexpected byline this summer, and now we're making it official. After several weeks of puzzles, Cathy Allis has joined us as our regular crossword co-constructor. She'll be alternating issues with Maura B. Jacobson, who's been with New York since 1980 and, we hope, indefinitely. Allis is best known for her New York Times puzzles, notably one in which she constructed a grid around clues written by Bill Clinton. Her own non-presidential work has built a real following for its wit and accessibility. (Sample clue: "A race that's always a tie." Answer: ASCOT.) We hope you will find her work both charming and maddening."


Anonymous said...

I like Maura's puzzles much more that Cathy's and Cathy is producing more.
Please, ask Maura to do more.

Lisa said...

Yes, Please more from Maura.

Lisa said...

I like Maura's much better. I hope she continues to do more.