Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Crosswords" Is Great Fun!

Hey, we caught the first couple episodes of "Merv Griffin's Crosswords" and we think it's off to a fine start. It's airing in good time slots in many markets (including New York) and has a lot of the old, traditional game show trappings that have gotten lost in recent shows, like announcer (Edd Hall), neat-looking set (by Bob Rang, who's worked on Merv's shows for over 30 years), and catchy theme music (actually an old stock theme of Griffin's which he wrote for a busted pilot called "Buzzword").

The contestants are apparently crossword-savvy, knowing to match case and tense in answering the definitions (even if the puzzle makers don't - we've already been hearing reports of inaccuracies in the puzzles) and understanding some answers are two words. The producers are expecting the audience to be, too, as a lot of this background information isn't really explained. Puzzles are pretty good so far; haven't seen any "writing" credits so I don't know exactly who the constructors are, other than "puzzle producer" Timothy Parker.

The one tricky part of the show is the introduction of "spoilers" into the second round of the game. These are people who can steal one of the two playing positions if the two active players can't come up with the correct answer.

We're hopeful of a nice run for this show, so please watch it and tell your friends to. This is a great advertisement for our hobby and profession.


Anonymous said...

This is a fun show. Fast, good clues. I like it

Wil said...

"Merv Griffin's Crosswords' is still seeking contestants and we need some fast thinkers! Show is airing syndicated across the nation - on NBC in the LA area Monday-Friday from 3-4pm.

Cash prizes have been raised! Crossword Getaways have been eliminated and more Crossword Extras added!

This is Wil from Merv Griffins Crosswords, and we are currently looking for bright, outgoing, and fun contestants to come and try out for our new game show. If you love crossword puzzles, games or just love words come and audition for our show! If you would like to be a contestant for "Merv Griffin's Crosswords", THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO AUDITION BEFORE THE END OF SEASON ONE! Season two will be cast nationally and your chances of getting on a show are much higher if you audition NOW for Season 1.

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area or are planning a trip out here before November 15th and want to be on the show please call our Contestant Department at 323-762-8282 or log on to www.crosswords.tv and click on "Be A Contestant".

Thanks for your time and pass on the word!