Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"Ooooh! My show has a new name!"

First, it was "Let's Play Crosswords." Then, for a brief time, it was "Let's Do Crosswords."

Finally, it's now settled. The new name of the crossword game show soon to start taping in Chicago and on your TV's this fall is... "Merv Griffin's Crosswords".

Like the man says, "Oooooh!"


Oafgirl said...

Taping in Chicago? They're going to fly me there from Los Angeles, where I tried out for the show? Naaaaaaah

Auditions have been running at the Tribune Studios (home of KTLA, local Los Angeles TV station) for several weeks, and there have been run-throughs testing the actual game play as well.

Oafgirl said...

Ah, taping in Chicago? That would mean they would fly me there from Los Angeles, where I passed auditions for the show? Naaaaaaaah.

Tryouts have been held in the LA area for several weeks, and some contestants have been called to Tribune Studios for run-throughs to test game play and timing. Fans of crossword puzzles will recognize many frequently-used clues....

Dave said...

I think they're going to be taping in L.A. after all.