Sunday, March 18, 2007

Stamford Habitue Helps Make Jeopardy! History

Stamford veterans and NPL members will immediately recognize the gentleman at left as Scott Weiss. You have him to thank for this history making moment on last Friday's episode of "Jeopardy!" - for the first time in 5,190 episodes, all three players wound up with the same exact score. All three men will return on Monday to play another game.

Using his vast store of knowledge honed from years of advising College Bowl at his school (Mount St. Mary's University in Maryland, which took 4th place in the recent Region 3/4 Championship Tournament), Scott already has banked $61,001 in his three days on the program. He's also done well at Stamford, too. A scan of the last ten years or so shows him placing consistently in the top 30, with an 11th place finish in 2004.

We wish Scott all the best on "Jeopardy!" and at the tournament next week.

Photo Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment


Adm. Lisa-Hayes Hunter said...

I've found that hard to believe, but tonight's show will have a different ending.


Dave said...

Unfortunately for Mr. Weiss, his ride came to an end on Monday night. I'm sure he will have plenty of stories to tell about his Jeopardy! experience.

Quite a few of us who go to Stamford have our game show stories. Soon, I'll be able to tell mine.