Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Site Expansion News

We are soon going to be moving to our own domain! We will soon be located at www.thepuzzlebrothers.com. Bookmark us now so you don't be caught by surprise one day when we've moved out, leaving old, half-completed Harle crossword books with cover illos by John Langton in our wake. We will be expanding to include more blog coverage as well as some of our own original puzzles for you to solve gratis! (That's free, y'know.) Robert is going to be working on an all-new site design which will incorporate our blog and the galleries of the tournaments and events we have already covered.

Look soon for our take on the year in puzzles, including the puzzles that grabbed us the most and the events that helped make 2006 a memorable one for crossword fans. And of course, with Stamford looming near, the Brothers (along with the lovely Tracy, who will be blogging and shooting pix) are getting ready for another trip to visit "the dysfunctional crossword family", as Merl Reagle so nicely put it.


Rialtus said...

Hopefully the new site will still have a feed for the blog as well? Please?

Dave said...

Blog's not going anywhere! We're still going to be doing that!

Liz G said...

D & R, my puzzle brothers, congrats on the new website. It was great seeing you at the Ridgewood tourney last fall. I need advice on website set up for my needlework biz. I have a crummy AOL page that needs to be replaced with a real site. Would you drop me a line when you have a moment? See you at Stamford!

Liz Gorski (puzzle sister)

Dave said...

Hi Liz!

We would be happy to help you out. We will be contacting you privately.

By the way, I was very impressed by your New York Times puzzle last Sunday, as well 3 of the other 4 that you did on 12/31 weekend. (That's impressive to have four run on one day!) The only one I haven't touched yet is the Wall Street Journal puzzle.

Hari said...

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