Tuesday, November 21, 2006

If You're Not Shopping On Black Friday

Check out the Friday New York Times crossword puzzle (a themeless, of course), authored by Puzzle Brother Dave. Hope you enjoy it.

You must be a subscriber of NY Times Crosswords to do the puzzle online, on the timed applet or in Across Lite.

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!


barrywep said...

I really enjoyed the Friday NY Times. I started slow and ten really started to channel you. My last entry was BRIANENO which caused a double take since I never saw his full name spelled out in fill.

Dave said...

Brendan Emmett Quigley actually lays first claim to that: he used it in a Saturday NYT themeless way back in 2004. Thanks for the good words and happy leftovers day!

pmerrell said...

Excellent puzzle. I looked at the byline, paused for a second and then realized -- that's one of you guys. I guess I wasn't aware you made puzzles (I thought you just showed up for tournaments to win all the trophies and then leave). Congratulations, Dave.