Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sajak's Puzzle Empire Grows Thanks To Atari

Pat Sajak Games, the "Wheel of Fortune" host's thriving puzzle and game enterprise, will seek out new territory this holiday season. The company has partnered with Atari to begin publishing PC and console versions of its winning online word and puzzle games.

First up this fall will be "Pat Sajak's Lucky Letters", the exceptional crossword/game-show crossover which will feature Sajak's voice offering encouragement to players. There will be three play variants and game enhancements not available online. Sajak said in a press statement that he is proud to be affiliated with Atari due to their high level of quality over the years.

Sajak's company now produces many online games (such as "Blackjack Bowling"), as well as three distinct Penny Press titles: "Get-A-Letter Crosswords", "Get-A-Letter Variety Puzzles", and the new "Get-A-Clue Sudoku".